The Red Sofa Sessions Makes Big Return

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

The last session of the Red Sofa Sessions that took place on Friday 9th June had some amazing inspirational moments as usual. However, this particular edition was special in a way to many of the guests. One, because it was making a return from a short break, two, because of a slight shift in venue and arrangement and last but not least, because of the guests speakers of the day.  

The Red Sofa Sessions is basically a networking platform where Christian high achievers from different spheres of influence and life are hosted for guests to learn from and get inspired while having some ‘clean fun’ in a social gathering and night out setting.

The sessions that usually take place every end of month had taken a short break after the success of the previous 4 editions with the last featuring the likes of Amos Wekesa the director Great Lakes Safaris, Peter Mukiibi the creative director Addmaya Uganda and artistes Solome Basuuta and Abaasa who entertained the guests.

The organisers said they needed to make a few adjustments last month and returned on Heroes day in a big way with fresh and reloaded energy. There was also a change of venue from the usual Roof Top area at the Garden City to a more comfy and well organise area at ‘The Food Court 2 floors down in the same building.

The Red Sofa Sessions now in a new setting at the Garden City Food Court

However, most importantly, it was the day’s guest speakers in pastor Micheal David Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre and Easther Kalenzi the team leader 40 Days Over 40 Smiles foundation who did the magic. There different life stories and lessons drove in a strong inspirational message into the youthful crowd that listened attentively and responded with the occasional ‘Amen’ here and there.

Held under the theme, ‘Stand And Be Counted’ the 5th edition was opened up by Esther Kalenzi founder and team leader at 40 Days Over 40 Smiles who narrated the story of the foundation that has changed so many lives in Uganda especially vulnerable young needy students and communities. She packaged all her messages under the – ‘Be the change you want to See in the world’ slogan which her organisation uses.

The foundation which recently celebrated 5 years had a humble beginning with Esther conceiving and later building on the idea from scratch. “I was just an ordinary person like you but armed with nothing but an idea, an idea I believed would work and change lives” She said with a beaming smile.

Esther Kalenzi at the 5th edition of Red Sofa Sessions

Her foundation strives to provide access to quality, all-round education support and entrepreneurial training aimed at self-sustainability to the vulnerable communities from contributions she receives from well wishers whose numbers keep growing by the day. Esther says the mobilisation is usually done through use of social media as a platform for ‘raising awareness on pertinent issues in our community and subsequently find solution for them’.

“We also organise fun-social events to inspire a socially-conscious movement of youths who contribute to our cause.” She added

Her organisation which she started by just opening a Facebook page and calling for friends to contribute money and items for orphans has now helped to build dormitories, libraries and other big projects in schools and inspires the youth to stand strong and be counted. They have raised over 200million so far through fundraising drives with Uganda contributing generously.

“You may not be rich but you are wealthy enough to bring change to the world”. She stressed.

The other guest speaker Pastor Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre then stepped on stage after a brief interlude in which the guests were entertained by the energetic band The Collective UG a group of young Christian artistes from different churches led by renowned gospel singer Sam K!mera.

Kyazze who is a Senior Pastor and founder at Omega Healing Centre gave a detailed account of his life which started in 1961 in Kampala where he says he was raised in a fairly comfortable environment and went to good schools. Although there were political and socio-economic changes in the country, his life changing moment and turning point came while in Senior 5 where he met Jesus at a youth conference.

Pastor Kyazze (R) with Ronnie during last weekend’s Red Sofa

He graduated in 1985 as a teacher and his mission to lead and inspire people started when he was posted to a village school with very difficult conditions in a place called Masulita with few teachers and no students. However after working hard and overcoming most of the challenges, he started his pastoral work by starting Omega Miracle centre.

He faced several initial challenges while building his church including the collapse of a structure that they were raising, resistance and hostility from local communities. However his church in Zana, off Entebbe Road is now one of the biggest and can accommodate a congregation of over 5,000 people and keeps changing the lives of many in different ways.

“Appreciate that attaining your dream will be demanding, and you will have to work hard” He said

He concluded his session by praying for the youth to get inspired to make a difference in the world by being the change they want to see. He also prayed for the singles to get hooked up while those jobless to get juicy opportunities.

The session was moderated by Power FM’s Ronnie Habasa with additional music and entertainment  provided by Reverend DJ and D-Reign and the event sponsoered by SMS ONE, Power FM, Good African Coffee and Platinum Gospel.

The organising team behind the Red Sofa Sessions that make things happen

Producer Benon Mugumya of Swangz Avenue was in attendance

Attentive: Singer Coopy Bly was with his lovely wife.

D-Reign got a hge reception from his fans

The Collective UG band members were energetic during their performances

Prayer time after the guest speakers shared their stories



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