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Red Sofa Sessions: Panelists Discuss Marriage, Challenges And Remedies In 6th Edition

All photos By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

For 6 editions now, Red Sofa Sessions has turned into an inspirational and edutainment event which has a future of changing the lives and mind set of Christians on certain things. Apart from being just an event, this is a networking platform where they host Christian achievers from different spheres of influence and learning from them at a clean fun night out.

Last Friday evening the 18th of August, Christians and well wishers gathered at Garden City Food Court where panellists Ms. Susan Nsibirwa, the head of Marketing and Communication Vision Group, Pastor Chris Nsubuga of Worship Harvest and Dr. Ruth Senyonyi, a psychologist and Counsellor at Bank of Uganda shed more light on a topic called marriage and relationships.

With a theme dubbed ‘For This Reason’, the gig was started off on a cool note with a performance from one of the headlining artistes Steve Keys who showcased his amazing key board playing and singing skills before Ronnie Habasa the official host introduced the first panellist Ms Suzan Nsibirwa whose marriage failed afterthree and a half years.

She was tasked to first shed a light on how she met her man with whom they later separated. “We were friends and we were all in ministry and marriage was one of those logical steps that came so it was those things of boy meets girl in church. At that time I think it was gitters and I whispered and said something is not right but people were waiting so we went and did it.”  Explained Miss Nsibirwa.

Miss Suzan Nsibirwa stressing a point

Steve Keys doing performing at 6the edition of Red Sofa Sessions

 While asked how the marriage failed, Suzan explained saying. “Along the way, a few things happened and we tried to resolve them but the willingness to reach a compromise did not work out.” However as she shared this tough experience and story, she was a little bit emotional and she could at times get lost in the questions asked to her. 

She however got over that and moved on through constant prayer and fasting. “What helped me was I had two men of God helping me on the side and even when things were not working out, they encouraged me which was what I needed that time. She added.

She ended by asking the women to always be prepared for marriage before Steve Keys took to the stage again and did the second round of his performance. Later, the other two panellists Pastor Nsubuga and Dr Ruth who were joined by one more called Beatrice Langarit a psychotherapist at Thrive 360, joined Suzan making it a full panel of 4 who discussed, gave ides and advice on premarital stage, marriage and its challenges, cohabiting, sex, post marriage among many others in that area.

Meet the panelists at Red Sofa Sessions 6th edition (Left to Right) Beatrice Langarit a psychotherapist at Thrive 360, Dr. Ruth Senyonyi, a psychologist and Counsellor at Bank of Uganda Ms. Susan Nsibirwa, the head of Marketing and Communication Vision Group and Pastor Chris Nsubuga of Worship Harvest

Talking about cohabiting, Pastor Chris explained. “If a guy is getting some of it, he will never do anything and even if he says he loves you, he is going to promise you for 6 to 10 years and you will get babies a realise it is not good.”

Pastor Chris Nsubuga sharing with the crowd

 Dr Ruth added saying that. “First of all, Biblically, cohabiting is not accepted because if say you live with a person and you sleep in a sofa and he sleeps in the bedroom, something happens in that house and you will be sexually active. The bible is very clear on some of these things and they are guidelines that this is not right and there are reasons for it because we live and we are supposed to commit and it’s very difficult to commit in a cohabiting situation.”

Dr Ruth Senyonyi taking to the revellers at 6th edition of Red Sofa Sessions

Ronnie Habasa the official MC of Red Sofa sessions

There were very issues at hand to discuss and all panellists had time explain what they knew about these issues and the revellers were allowed to answer questions which the panellist replied too. There was also another performance from the self proclaimed gospel gladiator Exodus and a special round of applause to Dj Peruz who kept the house lit with live Dj mixes during brief breaks.

Gospel singer Exodus performing

Dj Peruz did a good job to keep the crowd entertained

Husband to one of the panelists Mrs Ruth Senyonyi, Reverend John Musisi Senyonyi a mathematician, academic, evangelist and academic administrator came with his wife

Revellers were given chances to ask questions


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