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Rema Denies Alleged Biological Family As Man Insists She Is Their Daughter

Former Bujumba  Member of Parliament  Chrysestom Muyiza came out to reveal the real biological family of singer Rema Namakula. In an interview with a local TV station, elderly Muyiza claims that Rema’s ancestral home is in Tsetse Island in a county called Bujumba. He goes ahead to say that a man called Charles Mukiibi (RIP) whom he said was his brother, is the biological father of Rema. 

In more revelation, the former MP disclosed how Rema was adopted after her parents died when she was only one year. Muyiza claims that Rema’s dad met her mother many years back  in the Kampala slum Kisenyi where she was selling small items to survive although their relationship didn’t go far.

Muyiza further said that when Rema’s father Mukiibi died, he left him with Rema’s birth documents as well as showing her to him. However, he claims to have later lost contact with Rema’s mother which made her think she had been abandoned.

Muyiza blames his selfish clan members for sabotaging Rema’s efforts to come to her biological family before blaming them for having done more harm than good to her. He said that some people have on several occasions approached Rema and asked her for money to renovate her dad’s grave but instead use it for personal interests which frustrated Rema to the extent of believing that Mukiibi wasn’t her biological father.

On Meeting her mentor Halima Namakula

Muyiza said that while Rema’s mother was struggling to raise her in the slums of Kisenyi, luck landed her on veteran singer Halima Namakula. The moment Halima set her eyes on Rema, her instincts told her, she would become a ‘golden girl’ years to come and from then, Halima took over the responsibility as father and mother to ‘Sili Muyembe’ singer

Rema denies the allegations

When the same local TV station approached Rema, the singer denied any connection with the former MP but urged him to instead of going to the media, he should visit her at her home in Bunga and explain to her.

She added that if at all her real roots belong to Muyiza’s family, why do they go to the media to make news before wondering why it took them long come out.

Halima Nakamula refuses to talk about the matter

When Veteran singer was approached, she refused to talk about the affairs of Rema. She says Rema is an adult and has a family. She wouldn’t want to comment on such sensitive matters.

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