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Rema Goes Emotional In New ‘Kirungi’ Video

Produced by D King of Neutriq Town Studios ‘Kirungi’ is a love song that songstress Rema Namakula has given to her fans after a fairly long wait and is basically about love where a woman expresses her feelings for a man she holds high. She likes everything about this man and is not afraid to express it as she yearns to be close to him at all times.

The 3 minutes and 36 seconds song with a brand new video portrays all the love story in full HD an colour with director Sasha Vybz of Savy Filmz in full control trying to tell the story as best as he can in a variety of spots, angles and a splash of colour.

‘Kirungi’ The Video

The video starts with a scene showing Rema who looks emotional, seated on a swing chair with her man in the middle of nowhere deep in a forest. The two love birds later head deeper into the forest and they can be seen sharing sweet love moments from the way they tickle each other as they walk away.



Sasha then brings our attention back to the swing-chair where we see Rema sitting on the chair as she is being swung by her man. The love games continue from one end of the forest to the other as they laugh, cuddle and hug.


Later, the two go ‘fishing’ and the games continue although Rema seated in a canoe looking angelic is probably the best shot in the video. They have fruits and vegetables on the boat to compliment the natural look of the forest and after a successful catch, it’s picnic time as the couple set up a camp fire where they roast the fish and eat as they continue teasing each other.


Sasha Vybz plays with his camera movements and lighting to enhance the effects which take away the monotony away from the two. And a video with no dance always falls short and that’s why in the concluding scenes, the couple get to a romantic dance and the chemistry in their eyes as they do this, can make any one with a thing for them jealousy.

You can watch Rema Namakula’s fresh ‘Kirungi’ video below

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