Rema’s Splendid Night Out With Afrigo Band

Last Friday Rema Namakula was the guest artiste at Afrigo band’s Friday Night Live night at Guvnor where she put up a very energetic performance to a packed crowd at the theme night which happens every last Friday of the month.

This time round, the crowds seemed to be bigger but as usual, the ever green Afrigo band were on top form as they performed songs from back in the early days of the band’s formation to the recent ones. However, the popular band has so many songs that, a night like this is never enough to roll it all out to the fans.


Rachael Magoola performs at the Friday Night Live with Afrigo


Moses Matovu and Joanita Kawalya with the rest of the band

So the best option is to select the best a nd fans’ favourites which is what they did after splitting the night into 3 sessions with the oldies introducing the night before the ladies Joanita Kawalya and Rachel Magoola took charge with songs like Nze Mpe Dembe, Obulunji Bwo Sebbo Obangaina and Emali.

That warmed up the stage for guest performer Rema who was dressed in a blacked striped fitting dress velvet dress, stepped on stage at half past midnight with ‘Atuuse’ as the fans especially ladies screamed. The chemistry with the band was natural as they clicked straight away and got groovy.

Rema being a naturally gifted vocalist did not have any problems blending with her more experienced counterparts who also provided the backup vocals with only one other female backup from Rema’s camp. The fans loved every bit of per performance with the crowd mostly oldies dancing and singing along to all her songs although she confessed not to be a fan of night clubs


Rema doing her thing at Afrigo’s Friday Night ive

“I want to thank my fans for loving me and Afrigo band for giving me this opportunity. Although i usually don’t go to club, i am happy to be hear and perform with the amazing Afrigo band” She said.

She then performed her other popular songs Mchuzi, the breakthrough song ‘Oli wange’, Kaliba Ndowooza Kunze and Lean on me before the moment of the night arrived as she sang Afrigo’s popular ‘Jim’ before being joined on the stage by Joanita Kawalya the original singer behind the song as they shared the same microphone. It was a beautiful sight as old generation did it with the new generation in harmony.


Rema is joined on stage by Joanita Kawalya as they sing ‘Jim’ together

Rema’s time then came to an end at around 1pm as the fans demanded for more with others asking for the where abouts of Eddie Kenzo her baby daddy. She thanked them once again before leaving stage.

Another of the new generations member of the band Eddie Yawe then took over as he ushered in the last session of the live performances that continued late in the night with revellers still lining up to catch a piece of the now popular theme night.



Eddie Yawe (L) took over from Rema


It was a full house at Guvnor on Friday

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