Remembering The Famous Top Hangouts The Used To Rock Kampala


A few years back, there were top hangouts in Kampala that every partier once visited or made it their regular happening places. Today, we take you through some of them that used to rock

High Table

It was one of the most happening places in town especially every Monday night. The hangout closed shop earlier in 2015. However, up to now, it is talked about as one of the best bars that ran town those days.

Club Silk

The discotheque opened it’s doors in 1994. It was the first of its kind at least in the arena of classic discotheques. It had various theme nights with close to four sections that were frequented by many Kampala party animals. The club was the pioneer organizer of big  ’Street Jam’ events in Kampala.

Steak Out

This was Kampala’s famous and longstanding popular happening place for Makerere university students and those who had groin interest in them. It was owned by Peter Wacha who used to prefer to be called Peter Dings. He was forced to sell off the Lumumba based bar because of noise pollution.

To this day there is no nice bar near Wandegeya in the same intensity of Steak Out to cater for Makerere University students.

Club Rouge

If there was a law for suing a bar owner because of crushing a popular joint, then Aly Alibhai would be in Luzira prison on orders of Kampala party lovers. Aly was the proprietor of the defunct Club Rouge which used to be the place for Rock music lovers on Wednesday nights.

Buddies Bar

Former television star David Kazoora ventured into business and opened Buddies bar in Ntinda.

It was the talk of Ntinda where most corporates would spend their evenings downing some pints.  It used to be frequented by football fans, pork eaters and other revellers.

Club Sway

A story is said that tycoon Sudhir Rupareria some years back opened a discotheque called Club Sway for his son Rajiv to help him with the basics of running a business but what happened after a few years is well known to them.

Mateos Bar

This bar was based at Cargen Building along Parliamentary Avenue. It used to be a full house on Friday and Saturday. Most revelers who would be going to nightclubs would first make a stopover at Mateos for a few drinks. Others would catch up with football matches on giant screens. The bar was run by Humphrey Nzeyi, son to tycoon Amos Nzeyi.

Club Pa Lui

It was the first discotheque in the Ntinda Township that had taken over nightlife in the area giving a stiff competition to the bars. This nightspot was located at Ntinda Shopping Mall building basement. The club was owned by Patrick Lubega and its name was derived from his wife Louis and his name Patrick

Club Leboujalais

This nightclub was run by businessman Ham Mukasa Galabuzi. It was located at the Centenary Park. The bar would attract all Kampala partiers all over. It was known for its affordable beer.

Ange Noir Discotheque

Charles (“Uncle Charlie”) Lubega the proprietor of Guvnor Nightclub, is still considered Uganda’s number one entertainment tycoon. As an Economics and Political Science student at Makerere University in 1987, Lubega started Soul Disco and at the same time worked in Ange Noir which was one of the most talked-about hangout places in Kampala. In the early 90s, Lubega bought Ange Noir from Patrick Bitature who co-owned it with Charles Sabune and transformed it into a force on the entertainment scene, as the first ever contemporary night Club in Uganda.

The Viper Room bar

This joint, briefly, in the late 1990s, targeted a more discriminating oldies music loved  by Kampala professional middle class. It was owned by tycoon Karim Hirji who closed it after taking over Hotel Equatorial.

Sabrina’s Pub

Owned by veteran musician Hope Mukasa, it was the first joint in Kampala to introduce Karaoke before later turning into an avenue of album launches in the 2000s. Ex patrons of the hangout will probably never forgive Mukasa for the disappearance of their joint.


This was a home for Kampala Celebs and upcoming artists. There is no artist above 30 years now that never went to V8 club. Up to now, we have failed to have another V8 in Kampala

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