Revamp Your Wardrobe On A Budget

Business closet inspired by ‘Scandal’

So we all know how the month of Jan can be financially tight but as ladies we need to purge our wardrobes and replace them with something fresh for the new year. No one wants to move into the new year with last years clothes so let’s ditch them and work to get new stuff but on a budget.

First off all you can’t buy new clothes without creating space in your wardrobe. In Uganda we love to donate same as everywhere but here we usually start with our family members, say in the villages then go on to the churches. Donate clothes that others can wear not the damaged and torn beyond repair. Accessories should also be included in this.

For your designer labels in perfect condition but are still so 2015, be wise and sell them. Thank God for the digital world that makes it easy for everyone to sell their stuff. You can sell your stuff online for some decent money say shoes watches and bags. Online sites like Kyamu, Facebook, Twitter , OLX and many more will do that for you.


classy office wear

Now that you have created room in your wardrobe, the best part is here. Shopping!! Being January, try not going too crazy about shopping because even though you might have the money the designers are still at work putting on shows for you to decide what to have this new year. If you like me on a tight budget then you have to make a priority list so as not to get carried away.

romantic dress

Date night dresses.

Shop for an emergency outfit. By this, I mean a business outfit when a headhunter calls for a meeting or an impromptu meeting with a big client. The kind that makes your boss take you seriously, I call it the ‘power outfit’. Then the other is a romantic outfit, for that date night with your man.

day dresses

Day Dresses are a must have

Get yourself a pair of sleek black pants that goes with everything in your closet. Just make sure it is a flattering fit and is simple enough to go to the boardroom and a party too. Black pants transcend all trends not to mention they are great at multitasking. Price ranges from 25k -50k. Get a French dress shirt to do with that. You can pair it with a skirt or pants, it should cost you roughly between 40k-60k.


Still on the work clothes get a pair of black pumps (60k-120k) be cautions of quality of leather, it must be durable and very comfortable for everyday use. Ever heard of a day dress? Its that dress that is not very committed to any occasion, it can be worn to a baptism, bridal shower office engagement or even outdoor business meeting. It should cost between 50k –  150k.

dressy jackets

Black dressy jacket for all occassion

Get yourself a dressy jacket. This will upgrade any outfit from formal and casual to chic and interesting. You can swap it with your suit jacket for a cocktail party. Lastly get a evening clutch too black or silver is great to match most of your outfits for evening occasions. With this little short affordable lift let’s go out and shop.

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