Review: A Crunchy Bite At The New Exquisite Food Hub

A lot has changed in recent times in the Kampala night life and hangouts keep popping out to change the lifestyle and quality of the regular city dweller by the day not to forget the restaurants, eateries and cafes that nourish the souls of the revellers with food and drinks.

A walk down Kampala road shows the vibrant developments and facelift the city is experiencing lately which has also seen the emergence of fast foods and restaurants to satisfy the demands that go with these new trends in development.

One such development or rather formidable introduction is the a new entrant in the fast food industry – the Food Hub that comfortably sits at Cargen House or former Nandos just below the new Javas on Kampala Road at the Parliament Avenue junction.

When we took a leisurely walk one Friday evening during the evening rush-hour, we decided to check it out to see what was happening in there. We were welcomed by glowing colourful neon lights and the aroma of fresh foods emanating from the now expansive and spacious house complete with a variety of food chambers.

A quick glance through the wide window panes reveals a typical upscale eatery bustling with activity with little; almost muted giggles only coming from the young ladies seated near the windows seemingly, the only sound that can be heard in the otherwise unusually serene hub.

I later discover it’s a self service kind of setting after a few seconds of waiting at one of the comfy seats strategically arranged in the middle where I had just planted my tired body to get a clear view of all the counters in front of me.

After finally deciding to settle for chicken, a smiling Latifah at the counter tells me the prices at the Mr. Golden counter range from as low as 9,000/- to about 25,000/- and that, there is a promotion on a combo of 12,500/- that comes with two pieces of chicken, chips and a soda. This is what my now salivating lips ordered in a hasty tone.

Guests enjoying theri meals at the new Food Hub on Kampala Road

After about a 3-minute impatient wait, my order was ready and again I had to walk to pick it up at the counter on a large tray and as soon as I opened it, the warm, spicy-flavoured aroma of freshly baked chicken rushed straight into the back of my head and soon I had to forget myself in a bit.

The fried chicken which is very juicy and soft inside with tingly spices is perfectly crunchy and crispy on the outside just as earlier promised by Latifah which got my taste buds racing. The golden yellow chips provided the perfect base combination with the mild palette-tickling salt additions.

he crunchy chicken is well complimented by the golden fries.

After trying my best not to rush it, I still cleared the heap in what seemed like seconds before watering it down with a cold bottle of Fanta as I enjoyed the refreshingly cosy hall.

The Food Hub which was opened at the beginning of the year according to the waiters (which I later discovered actually existed), has several items on discounted rates ranging from Flame-grilled Chicken at The Roosta’s, different types of Pizzas courtesy of Wandacrust and one of my favourites, the giant burgers at Mighty Burger with a discounted combo of 18,500/- that comes with chips and soda as well.

And to cool this all, there is also the beautifully designed and appropriately named Cream Supreme – Ice cream parlour that also has several different flavours and sizes on offer ranging from Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana & Mango that go from as low as 2,500/-

Save for the fact that you have to walk and pick your order from the counter that sometimes feels inconveniencing, the variety of delicious food on offer and discounted prices give the average city dweller an opportunity to enjoy world class cuisines at affordable prices in a uniquely cool ambiance at The Food Hub. Food can also be delivered on special order.

Upcoming promotions and offers at The Food Hub include;

Mr. Goldens: 2 piece chicken at only 11,500/-(inclusive of 2 pieces of chicken, chips and soda).

Mighty Burger: 2 for 22,000/-(2 burgers, 2 reg chips and 2 sodas)

Roostas: The Quarter chicken meal goes for only 14,500/-

Wandacrust Pizza: Buy one get one free, and for those who purchase any large pizza or medium pizzas.For coupons; 5,000/- is off the next order for large pizza and 4,000/- off the next medium pizza. The coupons are valid on any day of the week except on the promotional days which is Tuesday and Thursday.

Cream Supreme: Ice cream for as low as 2,500/-


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