Review: A Look At The BMW X7 Set To Hit Market In February 2019

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The first time I saw the BMW X6 was in 2012 and just like other people, I was star struck. As a matter of fact, I first stood still while staring at this monster ride until in disappeared out of my sight. It was and still is a Porsche car which turns heads and to men who own X6’s you know what I am talking about.

Having spent 10 years on the market following its release in 2008 April, we think it is high time we probably forgot the BMW X6 especially following the manufacture of its biggest competitor, the BMW X7 which was designed and manufactured in 2018.

The X7 is BMW’s biggest and most luxurious SUV which is slightly bigger than the BMW X5, a touch bigger than a Range Rover though not quite as massive as a Mercedes Benz GLS. It can seat up to seven people in leathery and technological comfort.

The X7’s cabin will blend futuristic interior design with plenty of high-tech features lifted from the 7 Series. Its reasonably minimalist dashboard comes with lashings of plush leather and cool unpolished wood trims to make sure it feels every bit as opulent as the Mercedes GLS and Range Rover.

The ride also bears the BMW’s latest iDrive system that will pair a large touchscreen display on the dashboard with a second screen tucked behind the steering wheel where you find a set of analogue dials.

The finished X7 made its first public appearance at the Los Angeles motor show in November 2018 and it is expected to be on sale in February 2019 and is expected to cost an estimated price of US Dollars 200,000 (Ugandan Shillings 746,840,000)

Summary, Here is the BMW X7’s Performance Price and Specifications

Price: $200,000 (estimated)

Engine: 3.0-litre six-cylinder quad-turbo diesel

Power: 298kW

Torque: 720Nm

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, AWD

Fuel use: TBA

As we wait for February 2019 when the car officially hits the market, here are the amazing photos of the BMW X7

The BMW X7 first finished piece at the Los Angeles motor show in November 2018

A look at the BMW X7’s dashboard

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