Review: A Pass ‘Dumped By Wife’ In New Magnificent ‘Tulo’ Video

Dancehall singer A Pass’ ‘Nva Kampala’ album has some songs with out videos and this was because he had put a brief halt in video production. However, during an interview late last year, A Pass promised to drop more videos in 2018 and so far we have seen videos to ‘Didadada’, ‘Mummy’ among others. More are yet to come if the two recently released videos is something to go by.

Last Friday he finally dropped two videos for ‘Tulo’ and ‘Oruso’ songs but we have decided to review ‘Tulo’ (Luganda for sleep) which is a love ballad that describes a situation a man goes through after his beloved wife decides to park her bags and leaves him.

In this Zouk tune produced by Nessim who in the producer behind majority of A Pass’ songs, he acts the above mentioned situation in a 2 minutes and 36 second video shot and directed by Pest of Grate Make Films.

The video has a simple script that will arouse the viewers urge to watch up the end, as we see A Pass acting like an ordinary village man living happily with his wife. As they are sleeping during one of the nights, he dreams the wife abruptly packs her bags and leaves although we don’t see any clear reason why she does so.  A Pass’ visible efforts to convince her to stay are in vain as the lady insists and leaves.

Lonely A Pass who cannot believe his wife left then begins reminiscing the good moments they have been sharing but unfortunately, he cannot change anything at the moment. He is all depressed as he spends lonely days and nights thinking about the wife who was everything to her.  His wife’s absentia does nothing but haunts and traumatizes him. In one of the scenes, he almost sheds tears after finding no food in the kitchen which is a lesson that a woman has an important role in a family.

Meanwhile, as we are watching all these things happening, the concluding scenes show A Pass and the wife sleeping to prove to the viewer that it is not reality but a mere dream which he later wakes up from. The first thing after waking up is to look aside only to find his wife by his side before he goes back to fresh sleep.

Watch the video below

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