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Review: Africa Laughs 2


fans at Africa Laugh 2

Friday the 24th all roads led to Imperial royal hotel to the much anticipated Africa Laughs 2. The traffic was hectic al all access roads but the fans braved it just to get there. The doors opened at 8pm and the guests who had waited a while couldn’t wait for the show to get started.


Basket mouth on stage

The show started off with amazing performances from our own comedians and musicians to prepare the crowd for the main stage. Alex Muhangi as always shared his jokes about the Bakiga, his tribe mates.


Salvad Idringo Patrick

Basket mouth was the host who did an amazing job introducing the comedians but mostly his jokes tore up the crowd, His performance left the female guests gasping with admiration and hoping he never left the stage. He mainly addressed the guy gave them tips on how to be a gentleman and still get a woman to give you what you want on her own. Not forgetting his joke on how to avoid spending a night with your girl if it is ‘that time of the month’.


Basket Mouth

Salvado whom most people expected to perform his usual nursery rhymes surprised a lot of people with his hilarious jokes about home village Ombokolo and their fascination with new stuff being in boxes and his frustration explaining how his car is new even though it is not in a box. He also sent regards to mother in the audience and when on to tell more jokes about Ombokolo jokes.


Sam hooper and friends

Daliso Kimbonda from Malawi told the most intelligent joke that most guest took awhile to register. His American accent didn’t make it easier but closed his skit with a huge applause from the crowd. All the witty and sharp thinking people got his joke and enjoyed his performance.


Daliso from Malawi


Anne Kansiime took on her school child persona and used her allocated time to tell one hilarious joke about counting and how difficult without modern day technology hence using body parts.



Eddie Kadi Congolese comedian from London tore up the stage and left guests gasping for air. He told his jokes in both Nigerian and British accents which added to the humor he shared some adult jokes which we pray it was edit for the young viewers.


Eddie from Ghana on stage

Ugandans will all admit Eric Omodi is one of the funniest men to ever grace our nation. He was the only one who didn’t share any adult joke but left everyone in need of stitches. He explained why it is impossible to dance to reggae with a lady and the churchwardens always interrupting the pastor when the Holy Spirit is about to take over, killing the hype.


  Eric Omondi and Alex Muhangi


Eric approaches a gal as he dances to his favorite kenyan song


Africa Laughs comedians receiving their standing ovation


Some of the beautiful ladies that attended the show

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