Review: Azawi’s New Video Paints Real ‘Lo Fit’ Love Picture

One of the talented singers the ‘dead year’ 2020 gave local music lovers is Swangz Avenue’s Azawi. She came with her debut song titled ‘Quinamino’, conquered and she is still here to sing for us.

After dropping ‘Quinamino’ in January, she took some months without releasing any new songs and some fans began asking “where is new music?”. She answered that with ‘Lo Fit’, a 5 track Extended Play (EP) which has songs like ‘Quinamino’, ‘Repeat It’ and of course ‘Lot Fit’ the EP title, among others.

Not to say that others are not good but for some reason, ‘Quinamino’, ‘Lo Fit’ and ‘Repeat It’ have turned out to be the fans’ favorites off her EP and their music videos are out for the fans to watch.

”Quinamino’ and ‘Repeat It’ videos were released in January and April respectively, while Lo Fit’s was released a week ago and it is what we are going to look at in today’s music video review.

‘Lo Fit’ which is a slang to mean ‘one/good heart’ is an Afro-Zouk song produced by Nessim Pan Production. It is about a girl ‘Azawi’ who is in crazy love with a dude, loves him with one heart and isn’t shy to let him know.

In the song sung in Luganda with a few Swahili and English lines, she sings exactly how she feels about him as well as confessing how her love for him is the biggest portion in her mind.

The video:

Azawi’s love story and experience is expressed in visuals in a 3 minutes and second video shot and directed by Aaronaire.

The colorful video shows what looks like a happy couple (Azawi and the dude) playing all sorts of funny games that people who are deep love play. Some scenes show her and the dude in display of affection and others show them attracting a lot of attention from onlookers at what seems like a day out with friends.

One of the most eye-catching shots in the video is one showing her boyfriend beating up another man after he attempts to fight Azawi for disrespectfully chasing him away from their car, which she finds him leaning against.

We shall not end the review without talking about the dancers who did what we are comfortable calling a good job to spice up the video with energetic and uniform dance moves.


We must say that for the two music videos to songs ‘Quinamino’ and ‘Repeat It’ Azawi has released since her debut earlier this year, this video comes with a difference in all aspects and round of applause goes to Aaronaire for giving the visuals a good grain.

By the time we went to press, the video, following one week of  its release had 50,340 views on YouTube

Watch the video here




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