Review: Bebe Cool’s ‘Wasibukawa’ Music Video Raises The Bar For Class

When it comes to quality music videos, Bebe Cool has proven he can do it. When he took a plane to the USA where he has been for past two and a half months, some people thought that he went to spend on the profits he made from his Golden Heart Concert in August but it wasn’t the case.

Bebe went to shoot better quality music videos and the recently released video to his single ‘Wasibuka’ is a perfect example.     

About the audio

‘Wasibukawa’ which is Luganda for ‘where do you hail from’ is basically a love song produced by Dady Andre. It tells the story of a girl who loves him unconditionally on top of making it up to him every time he wants her.

He is also deep in love with her although he doesn’t know which tricks the girl used to make him fall in mad love with her too. He therefore wants to know where she comes from and know much about her too.

The Video

Just like the other good quality videos Bebe Cool has released previously, ‘Wasibukawa’ went a notch higher. It boasts of a full 4K ultra HD resolution, good camera angles and movements and above all, class. Not because it was shot in Los Angeles, California but the high level of videography skills Savy Filmz’s Sasha Vybz the video director displayed

It starts off with a scene showing Bebe Cool riding a motorbike on Los Angeles streets, in what seems like a serious effort of looking for his girlfriend’s workplace. Finding the place doesn’t come easy as he is helped by a man who gives the directions.

He finally finds the chick who gets excited to see him, before he takes her away for a date in a fancy hangout full of thrilling games and other fun things. They slowly drive in a luxury ride to the place on the streets of the well lit los Angeles city but as they drive, the girl doesn’t hesitate to show off her excitement and feelings over Bebe’s presence. She kisses him as well as doing all funny things in the car

They finally get there all excited and hyped as play lots of games before leaving

The video also has more scenes like those showing a group of dancers pulling some amazing dance moves in lit warehouse and a beautiful aerial view of Venince Beach in Los Angeles, California where the it was all shot and directed from

watch the video here

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