Review: Bobi Wine In Yet Another Critical Political Song ‘Uganda Zukuka’

Singing politically motivated songs is not something new to singer-turned politician Bobi Wine as we have seen him release songs like ‘Ghetto’, ‘Ebibuuzo’, ‘Obululu Tebutwawula’, ‘Dembe’, ‘Situka’ and ‘Freedom’ among others.  He is however not ready to stop with his mission and this week, he dropped yet another highly political song dubbed ‘Uganda Zukuka’ which is Luganda for ‘Wake up Uganda’ featuring long time partner Nubian Li.

Produced by Dream Studio’s Sir Dan Magic, This is an awareness song in which Bobi Wine calls upon Ugandans to ‘think wiser, wake up from their sleep and come together as one to change Uganda’s destiny’.

The video

Shot and directed by Loukman, the 3 minutes and 50 seconds video tells the story of the Pearl Of Africa and it begins with shots of one of Uganda’s landmark days that is Independence that we attained from the British on the 9th of October 1962. In these shots we see thousands of people gathered at Kololo Independence grounds to witness the British officially hand over power to Ugandans.

This being a political song, the video director then shifts our attention to a person who in this video is acting like a government official who instead of working, he is busy watching cartoons on TV while eating food in what  seems like an office in an abandoned building.

The video director keeps shifting the viewer’s attention as he shows us a helpless child suffering from the nodding disease syndrome before switching back to an important person presumably a government official who is still busy watching TV as thugs enter into his office on what looks like a mission to rob him in broad day light.

The thugs begin picking some valuables and taking them outside one by one but the official seems not to care as he is busy on TV and chewing nuts which the thugs later come back to pick. To our surprise, he looks on and doesn’t say a word. This is probably meant to send out a message of about government officials who do not care much on corruption scandals and instead just look on while government officials are busy exploiting or ‘eating’ the country.

After taking every little thing from the government official’s office, the worst comes to the worst when the thugs finally come and take the chair alongside the government official himself seated on it which is one of the funniest moments in the video.

In the concluding shots, Bobi Wine and Nubian Li enter the office and comfortably seat on a chair while looking at the table clock which is ticking towards 2021 which insinuates that ready for something big that year which may most likely be the biggest office in the country.         

Watch the video here

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