Review: Fik Fameica Hits Hard At Recklessness In New Tune ‘Tobiloberamu’

Rapper Fik Fameica is continuing to showcase his ability to make it big in the music industry despite the criticism he and his former management team faced a few months ago resulting from the many shows he allegedly missed without clear reasons. He is now under his own label and so far, he has a new single titled ‘Tobiloberamu’

‘Tobiloberamu’ is a Luganda slang loosely translated as ‘Don’t Be Reckless’ and the song hits at reckless people.

Produced by Artin Pro, the song is nothing but a piece of advice to people to do away with living life carelessly and rather take it serious.

About The video  

The video which runs for 3 minutes and 14 seconds, shot and directed by M Grate Pest of Great Make Films begins with a scene showing Fik Fameica sloping down the stairs of a building dressed in fancy denim jeans, bling bling and nice designer shoes.

He meets his ‘ex girlfriend’ who chucked him because of low financial status those days. She tries to force herself on him but all in vain as Fik pushes her away in an attempt of teaching her a lesson to be patient

The next scene later shows Fik Fameica clad in another awesome attire at a fashion shop where he is in company of local celebrities like Douglas Lwanga, Calvin Da Entertainer, MC Mariachi, Dj Roja and Slick Stuart, dancer Patricia who are pulling some rare dance moves

More scenes show Fik with dancer Eddy Wizzy together with a group of other dancers doing some eye-catching dance moves. Being a song that discourages the habit of recklessness, it shows a scene of an anonymous person driving a car while using his smart phone which is snatched by street thugs

The video director keeps shifting the viewers’ attention through his camera movements as he tries to capture the main character Fik in different scenes as well as other people who feature in the video.

The rapper does all he can to spice his video and the dance strokes he pulls especially in the concluding shots tell it all. However, the entire video boasts mostly of awesome dance moves by the video vixens.


Basing on his other song dubbed ‘I Am Different’ which boasts of a good quality video, costly and eye catching costumes, Tobiloberamu’s video is also showing progress in his video quality although the set up and use of costumes is just simple

Watch the video below





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