Review: Grenade Official’s ‘Nteredde’ Speaks Love

After recently signing a mega ambassadorial deal with a beer company, Grenade official hit the studios to produce a new song The song called ‘Nteredde’ was produced by Annest and mastered by Herbertskillz.

The idea is to finish the default yea on a high with something to match the big deal which he signed. It is believed the song could also be used in promotional Adverts on TVs and radio.

Nteredde is a love song like many other songs from the youthful singer. He also relays his lyrical touch as he expresses his dedication to a relationship. It is not clear for whom the youngster is singing as rumours of him dating Zari and other older women have been awash on social media.

The song is just meant to be a feel-good song with almost no clear message other than those careless lines thrown by lovers at each other. But the strong dance-hall beats will definitely be appreciated at parties and clubs when eventually opened.

You can listen to the song below;

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