Review: Irene Ntale Pours Out Her Heart’s Desires For Mysterious Dude In ‘Mpima’

Without exaggeration, ‘Mpima’ is my favorite song off Irene Ntale’s new EP titled ‘Sukaali’. Those who have listened to it can agree with me that it is contagious. 

According to the EP’s reception so far, this song seems to be the fans’ favorite song too. Could it be because of the dear and sweet voice she sung it with or should we just credit Sir Dan Magic the producer?

In this song, Ntale sings about a dude she has been in love with for a long time. She wants to give him a measured portion of love that will blind him and not let him see other girls wherever he goes.

Just like anyone who is in deep love, she is jealous and selfish and in some lines she asks the guy to forget other girls and focus on ONLY HER. Isn’t that what majority of people in love want?

Ntale is also drunk in love with the boy who has made her want to give everything, from her body, heart, soul and personal belongings to him for keeps

Something which few listeners might not realize about this song is the oomph Irene gives by the way she sounds while singing from start to end. This is a real perfect example of how a chick romantically talks while explaining one on one how she feels about a guy she has a crush on.

The video

The 3-minute and 8-second video shot and directed by Alpha Brothers is unique in its own way right from the choice of the simple colorful costumes as shown in the different shots.

Two of the most noticeable things about this video is the fact that, 98 percent of the shots are in slow motion and the video vixens are seen pulling some slow dance moves as well which in some sense corresponds with the tempo of the song.

There are other things that might grab the viewer’s attention like shots showing Irene and the male model, in a display of affection on a rooftop of a building, in a leafy house backyard.

The videographer’s effort to bring the song storyline in action should not go unappreciated only that (I don’t know whether it’s a style he likes) it has many upside down and sideways shots which might be disturbing to some viewers’ eyes.

Going by the fact that it was shot during day, the natural light is competing with that of camera which kind of doesn’t bring out Ntale and the vixens natural skin color in some of the scenes. May be that was the director’s intention for artistic effects to the storyline.

In all it is a beautiful song that will rejuvenate the singer once again to become relevant in this cut-throat music arena.

Watch the video here




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