Review: Irene Ntale Returns With A New EP Sweet As ‘Sukaali’

Nyamba’, released in August 2019, was the last song singer Irene Ntale left her fans with before she went AWOL shortly after being signed to Universal Music Group – Nigeria.

Some people perceived it as a musical break but the truth is, Ntale has been in studio recording and she is finally back with something fresh dubbed Sukaali’.

‘Sukaali’ which is Luganda dialect meaning sugar, is the title of her new Extended Play (EP) which just as promised in social media teasers, dropped on Friday the 24th of July on her music streaming platforms.

The EP has 6 songs and for some reason, they are all about love and how it makes one feel (good) and were written by songwriters like Yese Oman Rafiki, Sheena Skies, John Kay and production done by different producers from Nessim to Sir Dan Magic to Josh Wonder, Big Nash among others.

The songs are all sang in her native language Luganda although she mixes in a few English lines in some and Swahili in another- ‘Sukaali’ to be exact.

The tunes are of course as expected different in style, genres, feel and tempo although they are all about love and relationships.

We take a brief look at each;


 If you did listen to ‘Sembera’ which she released while still at Swangz Avenue, you are most definitely likely to feel the same vibe in ‘Sukaali’ too, because it is the same format like the former. Written by Yese Oman Rafiki and produced by Big Nash, ‘Sukaali’ is indeed sweet like sugar.

The song is a narration of love feelings she has for a man who she, in this case refers to as her ‘sukaali’. She tries to prove the real love which is all she has for him and not material things as she confesses how she ignores the rich guys, refuses the cars and gifts he buys for her because its only love she needs.


Written by John Kay and produced by Josh Wonder, ‘Allergy’ tells a story of a girl who is madly in love with a guy. The love she has for him has mesmerized her brains and soul to an extent that she is allergic to missing the dude.


Loosely translated as ‘call me’, ‘Onkubirako’ was written by Skies and produced by Nessim. She sings about her long-time lover with whom they grew up with. She, in some lines reminisces their childhood life of playing games, dancing and thing.

Because they are in love, she wants him to always call her anytime of the day or night whenever he is in a romantic mood or even just calling her with no reason.


According to the EP’s reception from the public so far, ‘Mpima’ which means ‘measure’ seems to be the fans’ favorite song. Could it be because of the dear and sweet voice she sang it with or should we say thank you to Sir Dan Magic the producer for a good job done?

In this song, Ntale sings about a mysterious dude she has been in love with for a long time. She wants to give him a measured portion of love that will blind him and not let him see other girls wherever he goes. This os one song you would sing to your girl or boyfriend.


In this one, she sings about the feelings she got for her lover and the experience she goes through carrying these insane feelings. Although people talk a lot of negative things about him to make her lose focus, she finds herself loving her guy in every kind of way from the time he came into her life.

The lyrics paint a picture of the things a girl would do in company of her crush after telling her that he is also in love with her.

‘Turn Up’

Amongst all the 6 tracks, ‘Turn Up’ is the different one. From the genre to its high-tempo flow and approach, it makes it differ from the other five.

Here, she is bragging about her lover whom she praises highly because of the good way he treats her.  In some lines she sings that; although the haters talk bad about them, she asks him to let them say all they want as their love flourishes.


Ntale ought to have been in a love mood when she was doing this project whose release was timely and if I were to rate the songs, ‘Mpima’ and ‘Sukaali’ would tie in number one position, ‘Every Way’ in 2nd , ‘Allergy’, ‘Onkubirako’ and ‘Turn Up’ in 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

Anyway you can tell us what you think and as well give your own rating on our social media pages.


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