REVIEW: Jose Chameleone’s ‘Mateeka’ Video Proves The ‘Legend Is Still Around’

We think we are not wrong to say that music is among the many things that arouse happiness. It is one of the reasons people work hard to buy music playing gadgets like mp3 players, iPods, radios as well as phones because they always want to have their music with them. In other words, music has might on human beings

For that matter, multi talented music legend Jose Chameleone came up with a song titled ‘Mateeka’ which is Luganda Language for ‘Laws’ and it explains all this.

Produced at Power Records by producers Ronnie and Rinex, ‘Mateeka’ is a contemporary Afrobeat with South African and Zulu traditional influences in which Chameleone hits hard at people who have no respect for music, musicians and dance.

The video

The 3 minutes and 16 seconds video begins on a happy day as Jose is driving with his chick somewhere in monster Bentley open convertible ride. Because they are deep in what looks like a love conversation which both seem to be enjoying, they forget that they are on a highway and sit on top on the car chair, letting the car drive itself.

Meanwhile, this is all happening as traffic Police officers are watching by the road side. The officers then begin planning amongst themselves on a move to put Chameleone to question for breaking the traffic rules. On noticing that police officers have seen them driving like that, Chameleone takes the wheel again but this does not save him

He is ordered to park aside and within a blink of an eye, he is handcuffed and grabbed brutally buy the officers who lift him in space as he begs for mercy in vain. His chick does get scared but she instead pulls out a radio cassette which she plays loudly, getting the officers off the track of arresting Chameleone. They just dance to the beats and let go of the artiste which explains the might music has on human nature.

After surviving the arrest or paying a fine for breaking the traffic rules, the video director keeps the viewers in line with the power music has over humans, which is something Chameleone is stressing in the song.
To conclude his tiresome and stressful day, he goes to a hang out which seems like a night club to party and dance -off his stress. People in the club get excited to see him as they join him on the dance floor where they pull crazy dance moves some which are erotic as we see sexy and skimpy girls rubadubing Chameleone as the rest cheer loudly.

The video has many dance scenes and among the scenes Chameleone joins the dancers to pull some dance moves which gives the viewers more reason to watch video and it also boasts of breathtaking dance strokes like b-boying, rubadubing, head spins among others

This video follows another  one to the song ‘Champion’ which Chameleone dropped a few months ago. The reception and the TV plays this video has is so encouraging.

watch the video below

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