Review: King Saha And Rydim Boyz Want To Marry ‘Mary’

Straight out of Rydim Empire, Rydim Boyz consisting of singers Bravo and Brown Wizzy is a budding duo that began in January 2018 and so far they have released songs like ‘Twetereze’, ‘Sente’ featuring Aganaga, ‘True Love’ alongside Mary Bata but it is ‘Abakyakala’ remix featuring veteran singer Chance Nalubega which is acclaimed as their break through following it’s encouraging air play

They are back at it with yet a new collabo with vocalist and singer King Saha dubbed ‘Mary’. It is a love song expressing a man’s feelings about a girl he intends to marry.

With the help of their managers Emma Carlos and Derick Orone  commonly known as manager Derick , it was easy for them to hook up with King Saha on this Afrobeat love tune with a sweet melody to listen to

About the song

The three begin the song by singing the chorus which has them dearly screaming how they want to marry Mary.

Bravo begins the tune’s first verse telling Mary how their wedding days have drawn closer. He wants to know whether the wedding dress he bought fits her although he is unsure whether Mary has fully opened her heart and made up her mind to marry him. He requests the girl to kindly make it up to him because of the irresistible feelings and attraction he has over her.

King Saga comes in the second verse disclosing how he is so interested in walking Mary down the aisle since she is the only girl he loves. Saha’s thoughts are full on nothing but Mary whom he promises to give heaven and earth before assuring her how she is the only thing lacking to make his life a complete one.

Brown Wizzy concludes the tune with a request to at least meet Mary who has made it hard for him yet all he wants is marching with her on their wedding day as well as giving her all kinds of wedding bouquets because he feels she deserves him.

With just a few days of its release, the song has so far received an encouraging airplay for starters with some music critics claiming it might see them far

Listen to the song here


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