Review: Levixone’s New Music Video Will ‘Turn The Replay’ On Your Screen

Video screen shot

Gospel singer Levixone has started off 2018 on a high note with two fresh videos. At first he released the video for the ‘Hosanna’ tune and before his fans could get over the video, on Monday the 5th of March, he dropped yet another video for the song dubbed ‘Turn The Replay’

Produced by Nessim, this is a song in which Levixone shows the power gospel music has and how it excites and makes all kinds of people dance every time it plays. He is asking and at the same time advising the Dj’s to instead of playing secular music, they should play gospel because according to him, it is the only music a person should be listening to.

About the video

The 2 minutes and 30 seconds video shot in Kenya and directed by Kenya’s J Blessing of Link Video Global starts with a beautiful aerial scene of a bus full of passengers who seem to be travelling somewhere. Amongst the passengers is Levixone whom we see taking a nap while listening to music through headphones, although the video director shifts our attention to other scenes which show Levixone on a yacht while cruising on Indian Ocean.

On the yacht, Levixone is joined by king dancers who are shown pulling some eye-catching dance moves as Levixone cheers them on before joining them to dance later. The viewers’ attention again shifts back to the passengers in the bus where one of the passengers asks for Levixone’s headphones, to have a feel of the music he is listening to. The smiles on this passenger’s face explains how good the music is, which is a message that gospel music is good music and can change people’s hearts

What starts off with one passenger finally spreads to all the passengers in the bus who are seen dancing in their seats where as some are dancing in the bus corridor.

 In the concluding scenes, Levixone displays his dancing skills alongside the king dancers in the sand at the beach.

Prior to the video’s release, ‘Turn The Replay’ has really had a good airplay on many Christian radio stations and now that video is out, it adds more mileage to the song as well as Levixone himself as an artiste.

Check out some scenes in the video


Watch the video below

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