Review: ‘Malamu’ Music Video Brings Out Pallaso’s Romantic Side

On top of making it to many music lovers’ playlists, Pallaso’s “Malamu” has also topped different music charts and without a doubt, it is among the top local hit songs in 2020.

Sung in Luganda and some little English, “Malamu” is an Afrobeat song produced by Eddy Dee that tells a story of a man telling a girl he is in love with what is on his mind.

Because he is deeply in love with the babes whom he praises so highly, he lets her know that everything he owns, including his heart and life are hers too, as well as promising her heaven and earth, just like how any man vybing a girl does.

The video

The Director, Paste of Grate Make Films as usual does what he does best on the camera to come up with this 2 minutes and 52 second music video telling nothing but this story.

Being a real story of a man (Pallaso) who is in love with a girl, the video depicts most of the things a man does to win a girl’s heart and attention like impressing her with all sorts of things and deeds which the director  brings to the viewer’s eyes in some shots that show Pallaso showing off his muscular tattooed body, wearing cool leather jacket, sneakers and wrist watch without forgetting giving her a  pretty rose flower.

Meanwhile as Pallaso in still buried his lovey-dovey, other shots show the beautiful vixen who acts as the girl Pallaso is singing about, whining her slender body in different coloured body hugging dresses and Pallaso is seen looking at her in admiration.

The video has catchy shots it boasts of like those of Pallaso and the vixen in display of affection as they romantically pull some dance moves with all love intentions written in their faces.

There are also other scenes showing Pallaso and his elder brothers (also artistes) Weasel and Jose Chameleone which is one of the things that get the viewer more attracted to the video


Unlike other music videos where Pallaso is seen with girls, this one comes with a difference as it shows him in display of affection with this this girl and his actions really bring the romantic side of him we haven’t seen in video for a long time.

Watch the video below





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