Review: Mun G Paints A Vivid Picture Of The Challenging Lockdown Life In ‘Bintwala’

A special round of applause to all the artistes home and abroad who sang songs full of message informing the community about the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), its dangers and how to control its spread. 

Much as they did, Ugandan rapper Mun G, known for adding a big ingredient of humour in his songs, didn’t follow suit but also in the same wake of the outbreak of the disease, released a song titled ‘Bintwala‘ slang to mean ‘to be overpowered’

In the song he sang in Luganda language and produced by Ram Muzik, Mun G does what he is best at doing to come up with lyrics that are not only hilarious but also bring the challenging lockdown life that everyone is living now to reality, all in 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

As something new, the lockdown has aroused a lot of challenges like unemployment (as only essential workers are allowed to work), boredom, loneliness, brokenness, hunger among other things and to an artiste like Mun G who has been used to a celebrity life, staying home 24-7, bathing, eating and sleeping is completely a new world for him.

He managed to hit studio and record this song which many people who hear the language have connected with and it surely is one to take a listen to, especially if the lockdown period is a tough one for you.

You might not like Mun G’s music but in this period and the song’s funny and irresistible lyrics, it might get your attention because it like said above, brings the tough lockdown experience straight to your ear.

In the first verse, ‘broke’ Mun G expresses his main stress which is the daily routine of staying home, sleeping and eating corn flour porridge (locally known as Posho or Kawunga). He feels he cannot take it anymore.

He in some lines he rants about his girlfriend’s decision to leave him for an essential worker in the these hard times all because of her inability to eat posho daily. This is like the best part in the song because of how he terms the essential worker, calling him a ‘fala’, Luganda for fake person.

In some lines, the Kunta Kinte (his own record label) boss compares the life before and after the lockdown like how he was handsome before but now has grown beards all over his face because of the closure of the salons. He also sings about more challenges like landlords’ demand for the accumulating rent fees, electricity and TV bills to pay.

To some people, according to comments on social media and YouTube, the song is hilarious from start to end and because of its lyrics which we might call Mung G’s own story, ‘Bintwala’ which is already having a good airplay on Radio makes the listener want to listen up to the end.

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