Review: Prince Omar Teams Up With Nigerian Skales On Sexy New Tune ‘Bikini’

Prince Omar and Nigerian star Skales are no strangers to your eyes, and their music is no stranger to your ears too. The two budding artistes linked up for a new beach-inspired song called Bikini. The song, co-written by Skales and Daddy Andre, was produced by the very talented Daddy Andre himself who gave it a dancehall beat.

Bikini is a ‘feel good’ song that talks about a lady moving her body in the ‘Bikini’. Prince Omar’s voice blends well with Skales’ in this mid-tempo track, everyone complementing the other almost flawlessly making the song pleasing to listen to.

Skales and Prince Omar have teamed up on this brand new song already doing well on the airwaves.

Bikini is not only pleasing to the ears, but pleasing to the eyes as well. Videography maestro Sasha Vybz was behind the lens and his delivery is one we would so much expect from a man of his expertise and experience in the videography arena.

Going by the song’s title, the video was shot at a beach in Kenya, with gorgeous women in bikinis revealing their curves that make you think they were drawn by a compass.

Sexy video vixens in bikinis are the major features in the video

The idea of having the vixens carry weights and work out in the night scenes in the video fits into the narrative of having to workout in order to achieve a perfect bikini body, relating directly to the title of the song.

Released only less than a week ago, the video already has over 55000 views on YouTube.

Prince Omar is a fast-rising star and this collabo with Skales will give him entry into an international audience.

Most of the scenes ae shot from a beach as the two showcase their dance moves.


You can also watch the complete video on YouTube by clicking the link below;


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