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Review: Rema Namakula Mixing It With ‘Muchuuzi’ Love

Rema Namakula may be pregnant right now, but her beautiful smile is still gracing our screens with her new hits doing well in clubs, TV and radio stations across the country.

She has been one of the most consistent female divas in the country releasing some serious blockbuster hits and keeping it mature with her love themes that we have gotten accustomed to and fallen in love with.

She has followed the ‘Sitaki’ hit with other songs like ‘Deep in love’ and rendition of Elly Wamala’s ‘Lowooza Kunze’ which has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

However, her song ‘Muchuuzi’ cannot escape our attention not only because of the sweet flow in the lyrics but also because of ‘something unique’ that caught our eye in the video.

It’s no longer a secret that, Ugandans have improved on the quality of music production. The area that needs game-upping is creativity and storyline to convey to the viewer their messages. Many music videos still lag behind in this area.

‘Muchuuzi’ although has a basic story line, has some good camera angles and interplay. The looping effects created in connecting the scenes in magical. I love the interplay of motion illusion created by the slow-fast interplay.

The color tones in her checked boyfriend-shirt and deep blue overalls are well balanced with the browns in the surroundings fusing well into the unusual environs of an upcountry petrol station. Peculiar but ‘worth giving a try’ kind of location which I must admit worked wonders.

Rema M3 Rema M4  Rema Muchuuzi Rema Muchuuzi4

However, back to the issue of storyline, the director (Xperience) kind of lets me down when the so much in love Rema waits for her sweet heart to pick her up. He makes an impressive grand entry in a jeep and then they head to ‘nowhere’ till the car breaks down all this while the same Rema still remains rooted in the same spot at the petrol station (working as a pump attendant) when we expect the couple to be heading to some sort of Paradise ‘where they can melt away’

Overall the song is a nice muchuuzi mix with a video which passes as ‘just okay’ but Rema once again shows her versatility as she works in 3 different languages English Luganda and Kiswahili.

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