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Review: Richy Kaweesa’s Ebiro Byaffe

Richy Kaweesa recently released the video of Ebiro Byaffe and it’s only one word that can best define it, ‘Spectacular.’ With his amazing prowess, Richy is destined for greatness and there is nothing that can stop him.

The talented, soulful singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist, tries to show us a different picture of life. In the video, a man steals a purse from a woman (nurse) in order to get money for his wife’s maternity care, but instead gets caught by an angry mob and beaten for the act, while his wife waits for him at the hospital. 

Basically the message behind the song is we became so mindless, whether it’s the situation or style, we suppress the poor and we hardly care about our colleagues or friends. We should indeed pray for our days.

Have a look at the video below.

In the meantime, Richy Kaweesa has been nominated for the RFI award. To vote for him, go to www.prixdecouvertes.com/en/vote

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