Review: Sheebah Exposes Haters’ ‘Jealousy’ In New Dazzling Video

Although some people say that Sheebah Karungi’s new song ‘Jealousy’ is a dedication to Cindy Sanyu who recently dissed her ability to perform live, we don’t think it is.

The tune is one she sang to hit at jealousy people or haters who don’t wish others well (her in particular).

She recently released a dazzling video to the song which paints a picture of some of the jealousy deeds some people do to hurt others

The Video

The 3 minutes and 34 second video shot and directed by Sasha Vybz starts off with a scene showing a newspaper distributor riding a bicycle through an estate where Sheebah resides. He later finds her house and then throws a newspaper across the fence in her compound

Sheebah picks the paper full of negative news about her and begins reading before she gets nagged and throws it away in disgust. She later gets on her quad bike to ride around her compound to cool off her anger but little does she know that an unknown photographer is busy taking photos of her.

She angrily jumps off the bike to engage the photographer but in the process, he runs away and goes ahead to publish a fake story about her in a paper whose headline reads ‘Sheebah Turns Violent’

Following scenes show a clique of girls reading negative stories about Sheebah on the internet as they laugh at and make fun of her.

The video director then shifts the viewer’s attention to a scene which shows excited people whose excitement is brought about by the release of the ‘Karma Queen’s’ ‘Jealousy Album’.

The fans are seen running to a music library to buy CD’s of her album which is a sign that some people love her, despite the fact that many people are jealous of her.

In another shot, she is picked by her driver in a monster Range Rover ride and driven to the airport where she takes a plane to Jamaica in what seems like a an attempt to take a break from the stressful haters.

In some of the concluding shots, Sheebah is performing at a gig with revellers enjoying her vibe. In the middle of her showcase, we see some ladies filming her performance live without her consent.

The video basically shows scenes of some of the jealousy deeds people do to each other like one showing a bad minded person emptying the pressure from a tire of a boda boda rider’s motorbike. Another shows a taxi conductor changing a passenger’s mind from boarding the taxi of her initial choice to another

The concluding scene shows Sheebah and a group of people pulling some uniform dance moves while clad in choir attire which is a little controversial


Basing on the fact that Sheebah is a good dancer, she spices up the video with some eye catching dance moves making it worth watching

Watch the video below

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