Review: Sheebah Karungi Begs ‘Him’ To Be With Her In ‘Beera Nange’

If you are to list down successful female artistes in Uganda then the 14 letter name Sheebah Karungi will not miss on that list. The Team No Sleep record label artiste has for the past 4 years proven to the her fans and well wishers that she can deliver what is expected of her which is nothing but good music and classy videos.

Talking about classy videos, it is with no doubt that her management team headed by Jeff Kiwa truly invests in quality videos and her latest video to the song ‘Beera Nange’ which is Luganda for ‘Be with me’ is a good example

About The Audio

Leave alone the fast and vibrant Dancehall songs we know Sheebah for, this is an Afrobeat tune produced by Nessim in which Sheebah expresses her feelings for a man whom she loves so unconditionally to an extent of losing herself. She is therefore forced to humbly ask him to be with her forever and leave the other girls.

The Video

Shot and directed by Zero One Media, the 2 minutes and 52 second video shows Sheebah who is acting as a hair stylist in a classy salon while working on the guy of her dreams’ hair. Going by the way she is doing it, it can be told that she is not putting enough concentration to what she is doing because of the boiling feelings she has for this dude. She totally fails to do a thing but instead forgets she is at work and starts to caress her hubby as other workers and clients in the salon make fun of them.

Sheebah is not afraid to show her uncontrollable love feelings for this charming dude in public and from the salon, she and her friends head to a supermarket for shopping. They go to the drinks sections where she pulls out a bottle of Bellaire Champagne which she pops there and then as her friends cheer her on. She is doing all this to show off her excitement and strong love she got for her man whom she thinks loves her genuinely.

From the drinks sections they cross to the cloths section where we see Sheebah changing from one outfit to another in search of a perfect one to entice the boyfriend with. She seems to be so extravagant. From popping champagne in the supermarket, she also buys and pours a whole park of what looks like chips down on the floor all still in excitement. She later buys cake to eat with her man which she parks together with the other items they had bought earlier. She later says buy to her friends and prepares to go home.

She happily rides off on a monster bike to go meet her man.  On reaching she excitedly pulls out the cake ready for celebration with the man but to her shocking surprise, she finds the man making love with another chick in a car, forcing her to angrily throw the cake at the car’s wind screen before picking a baseball bat and dismantles the car’s head lights and glasses all in the name of relieving her anger which also is the concluding scene of the video.

Throughout the video, Sheebah spices t up with awesome dance moves in a jumpsuit which also like a market tool for her Sheebah Collection fashion shop whose location she is about to reveal soon

Watch ‘Beera Nange’ video by Sheebah Karungi Here


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