Review: Singer SK Simeon Hits Hard At Haters In New Tune ‘God Man Strength’

Songs like ‘Doper Than Done’, ‘Round Of Applause’ and ‘Matooke’ are some of the songs which earned a big fan base for Australia-based-Ugandan Ragga singer SK Simeon. Through the years though, he has continued to release more songs

This year so far, SK has three singles out and one of them is a song titled ‘God Man Strength’.

It is a Ragga song produced by an English producer called Interrupt and as opposed to the artiste’s other songs, this one is unique. He is not singing about love nor other things but it is a song dedicated to his ill wishers.

About the song

He introduces the song talking about himself the Raggamuffin man from Kampala Uganda, a country down in East Africa.

He then starts the song assuring his haters as he chants how he got strength given to him by God. He continues to tell them how they can’t break nor trick him in anyway. Even if they try attacking him, they are at risk of breaking their legs or necks as he claims he is stronger than what they think. He simply advises them to take a sit and just watch him do his thing.

In more  verses, SK further dares his haters saying that even if they try to fight him, he will defeat and  overthrow them before he boasts of having more wisdom than King Solomon’s  and strength  more than Samson’s

In the concluding lines, SK advises them to be extra wise and use their brains well before trying their funny tricks which cannot apply on him.

The tune boasts of a hard core late 1980’s Ragga rhythm which SK does justice to making the song irresistible to listen to

Meanwhile, ‘God Man Strength’ is one of the new tunes SK has released in 2019 so far, with the two other tunes being ‘Sync and Connect’ and ‘Start Today’

Listen to the song below


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