Review: SK Simeon Pours Frustrations Over ‘Relationship Pretence’ In New Tune

No one likes pretence in a relationship because it has led to the breakup of many relationships, marriages and even business partnerships

It might take time to find out that someone is a pretender but when you do, it is advisable to tell them off and if they can’t change, leaving them wouldn’t be something bad to do.

In this era where pretence and hypocrisy are on their peak when it comes to love relationships, Australia-based-Ugandan Ragga singer SK Simeon released a new song titled ‘Stop Pretending’ in which he pours all his frustrations over this girl he loves so much but unfortunately she is just pretending and using him to get material things.

He opens the song produced by Motley telling the girl how their struggling relationship is not going to work out because of the fact that she is pretending to be in love with him yet her intention is to get material things. Disappointed SK continues to tell her how she is forcing love before asking her to leave him in peace and stop wasting his precious time

He also expresses his complaint about being disrespected each time he tries to communicate with the chick and he feels this is ruining his real love intentions for her. He therefore feels like being left alone instead of relying on someone who doesn’t have a single drop of love for him

As opposed to his other songs, this one comes with a slight difference as it has a blend of some Trap music elements which is a genre that is nowadays being fused with Ragga and Dancehall music from Jamaican and all over the world

Songs like ‘Doper Than Done’, ‘Round Of Applause’ and ‘Matooke’ are some of the songs which earned a big fan base for SK Simeon. He has maintained his style of toasting over hardcore Ragga rhythms and he now a master at it.

Listen to Stop Pretending By SK Simeon below.



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