Review: Solome Basuuta In New Smashing Love Tune ‘Ndeete’

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Singer Solome Basuuta is one of the artistes who when it comes to singing about love is not a joke. She prides her self as a singer who sings about love, love and more love. She has not just stopped at priding herself in that area but she goes an extra mile to prove her prowess and songs like ‘Nsuubira’, ‘Met A Man’, ‘Nzaani’ among others can explain what we are talking about.

Did you know that her love for music forced Solome to quit her Bank of Uganda job? She has yet a new love song out dubbed ‘Ndeete’ which is Luganda for ‘Can I Bring’

Written by Naava Grey and produced by Andy Music, this is an Afro-pop song with a fusion of African sounds from Uganda, Congo and Nigeria in which Solome expresses her burning feelings for a man of her choice. She wants to give all her love to this man who has made her go crazy in every little thing she does. She confesses how she wants a new day to come and find her enjoying her self as she prepares and waits to meet the man whom she has all along been waiting for.

She calls this man her victory and Romeo. As a matter of emphasis, she asks him to come close to her while assuring him how she is already his in full swing before apologising for the mistakes she did longtime and promises never to do them again.

The love she has for the man seems to be in its highest level as it blinds her to an extent of not seeing other people. All her eyes and thoughts are locked on to this dude.

Through out the song, it can clearly be told that Solome is in deep love with the man. The words she uses for example ‘shubu come to me’, ‘You are my Romeo’, ‘I am already yours’ among others can clearly showcase her burning feelings for this lucky man

A round of applause to the producer Andy who plays with the tune’s instrumentation, mixing the drums, pianos, guitars to come up with a vibrant sound whose rhythm Solome executes perfectly.

The video is underway according to what Solome’s manager told Chano8

Listen to the song here

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