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Review: Swangz Avenue’s Vinka Badly In Need Of Her ‘Love Doctor’

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

While her latest tune ‘Malaika’ is still enjoying heavy rotation and comfortably seated on top of charts, Swangz Avenue’s Vinka has kicked off 2018 with a high tempo song produced at Swangz studios by producer skills

With a danceable Afrobeat and Dancehall beat, this is a song that explains a woman’s urge for a man she is in love with. She wants to do every crazy thing with him but the man seems to be delaying her on top of promising her empty promises.

In this case, Vinka starts off the first verse with a humble request asking the guy to hold her tighter because of the sweet feeling she gets while the guy is holding her before complaining over how this guy lied to her that he would be coming back after a period of time but all in vain.

She refers to this dude as her ‘love doctor’ whom she is ready to do every little thing with and in some lyrics in the song’s chorus, Vinka is heard saying ‘Ntwaala onyige amasaagi’ which is Luganda for ‘take me and massage me’. She also tells the man how and where to touch on her sexy body while doing the massage.

Vinka seems to be crazy in love with the man whom she later tells to feel very comfortable as she promises to give him anything his heart desires. She asks the guy to be with her and only her forever because of the boiling feelings and love she has for him which makes her melt every time the guy looks at her.

In the second and final verse, she is heard praising the guy’s looks therefore she wants to hang out with him all in the name of hurting other girls before admitting that the man does things which she appreciates and loves and gives reasons why she loves him. Some of the reasons are; the boy’s sweetness and popularity like Champagne.

‘Love Doctor’ is the first of Vinka’s songs lineup for release in the coming months that will eventually be part of her 2018 Album set to be announced in the near future. The video of the song has been shot and will be released in a few weeks from now. 

Listen to ‘Love Doctor’ by Vinka below

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