Review: Weasel Expresses His Gratitude Towards ‘God’s Grace’ In New Song

Friday the 1st Of February 2019 marked one year since singer and vocalist Mowzey Radio died. The late was Weasel’s singing partner under the Radio and Weasel Duo which for the past ten years was East Africa’s dynamic duo.

2018 saw Weasel release songs like ‘Tokyayitaba’ which was a tribute to Radio, ‘Good Over Evil’, ‘32’ featuring Spice Diana, ‘Mpa Love’ featuring King Saha, ‘Am Coming’ featuring Pallaso among others and he is back with yet another tune dubbed ‘God’s Grace’ which is not a love but rather an inspirational song

The Audio

The song tells a story on the current era of selfishness, hatred and hypocrisy. He tries to bring himself as an example as he hits at people whom he used to share the little he had with but have now turned into enemies trying to take away his happiness. His only way out is therefore God’s Grace which has comforted and led him through

The video

Shot and directed by Pest of Grate Make Films at one of the beaches in Zanzibar, Tanzania, the 3 minutes and 15 seconds music video starts off with a scene showing Weasel seated on veranda of a house near the beach. The same scene shows a child playing besides a woman who seems like Weasel’s wife

Weasel later goes to the lakeshore in what seems like an attempt to unwind by enjoying the cool breeze as he walks through the sand. He is later joined by a group of Maasai tribe people whom he interacts with in what looks like a meeting with new friends, leaving the old fake ones alone.

The video also brings to eyes a cool sunset scene on the ocean which showcases God’s beautiful creation


Basing on the fact that Weasel has been through a lot of ups and downs from the time of Radio’s death, a song like this in inevitable and it saw him thank God for the little he still has.

Watch the video below


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