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Rich Gang Cancel Their End Of Year Party

It’s now evident that the late Ivan Semwanga was everything in Rich Gang. He was the decision maker; he was the financer and was the brain and backbone of the group. But now that he is deceased, so seems the group because the latest information we got is that the Rich Gang party that has been happening every year won’t be taking place this December.

Rich Gang senior members King Lawrence, Ivan Semwanga and Ed Cheune during their hey days

According to one of the group members known as Prince MJ, who was also tipped to take over as the leader, they have decided to postpone the party to next year with reasons that can’t be shared to the public.

“Breaking news: The rich gang members have decided to cancel the UG don memorial party this year due to some reasons we can’t state at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience until next year, ” Prince MJ posted.

The gang having a blast at one of the parties

The party was slated to happen on the 19th of this month at club Guvnor and this edition was in commemoration of Ivan Semwanga who passed on in May this respective year.

Rich Gang is now comprised of Ed Cheune, King Lawrence and Prince MJ and it’s on this party that Ivan’s heir was going to be unveiled.  


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