Rigobert Song Returns To Cameroon, Thanks Fans

Some had declared him dead while others just go confused when a few months back former Cameroon international Rigobert Song went into coma for 40 days and was admitted in a Paris hospital

The world and especially the former Liverpool defender’s fans were relieved when it was later announced he was in a stable condition and recovering very fast after photos of him emerged from the hospital in life support machines.

Song during his hey days

Last weekend things even got better and more exciting when song was discharged and went back to his home land Cameroon after a long period away from family and friends. He was discharged last week and arrived home on Saturday after a six month spell in which he received specialised treatment.

Song while in hospital in Parish

The former Indomitable Lion and hard-tackler thanked the country’s fans and President for their support as he arrived back in Cameroon following six months of treatment in a Paris hospital. He was taken very ill in October 2016 when he suffered a brain aneurysm and was hospitalised in Yaoundé where his condition stabilised before he was taken to Paris for operation.

Song being welcomed back home

Song famous for his playing style as well as his colourful trademark hairstyles returned to Yaoundé to a rapturous welcome on Saturday where he was met by dignitaries, friends and family.

I don’t remember what happened, but after my situation I’ve seen a lot of things. People have told me what happened. So I’m very happy to come back and I want to say thank you to all the people. He said on arrival.


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