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Rihanna wears a completely inappropriate T-shirt cradles newborn cousin ‘Majesty’

Rihanna’s social media accounts have been flooded with cute photos of her newborn second cousin, known as Majesty.
Her Monday posts, showed three more intimate shots in what is fast becoming a pictorial theme for the Umbrella star. Fortunately,
Majesty is a little too young to read the profanity written across her T-shirt.

Battleship star shared the images with her huge number of followers, but it was her black t-shirt decorated with the bold message ‘Majestic As F***’ – that dominated as she poses with her second cousin.

One of the first images shows Rihanna cradling Majesty shortly after her birth while wearing a T-short decorated with the message ‘Weird S**t is happening.’

According to sources, she is thought to be working on a new song with Coldplay star Chris Martin after the pair were seen
leaving a Los Angeles recording studio on Saturday evening.



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