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Rising Gospel Star: All You Need To Know About Mag Ivan.. It Will Leave You Inspired

Today being Palm Sunday we decided to take a look at one of the rising stars when it comes to gospel music. Mag Ivan started singing in church and danced with several groups at Light The World Church Nansana in 2010.

According to his manager, Mag Ivan ‘realized that his singing was more divine than dancing, comic as he is, He started looking up-to great worshipers and singing their songs like Don Macclarkin.’  

Mag Ivan redefining gospel music with his soulful touch

Mag Ivan redefining gospel music with his soulful touch

If that wasn’t she further revealed to us that in 2013 Ivan ‘was identified by Smiling Faces Uganda(SFU) where he volunteers giving hope to those that seem to think they have lost hope, helping retrieving smiles of children and women in the communities that seem to want to give up, encouraging ambassadors that run charity homes through working with them on different projects so as to keep doing the good work of loving these abandoned children and bring them up in a home setting.’

When Mag Ivan hit the studios and released Dream, most people cried over it, it’s no wonder his fan base grew. According to Sylvia Namusisi the President of SFU,

‘This song is true testimony for anyone who once had a dream, who had lost all hope probably, was taken into another home without the biological parents and finally made it in life, it’s a story that gives you energy to stand up especially with the reggae beats that say get up get up…wow. Ivan is going to greater heights.’

With his tenacity Mag Ivan will soon take the gospel industry by storm if he keeps moving at the pace his moving on. You can check out his songs on here.

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