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Rising Star Solome Talks About The Challenges She Faces As A Solo Artiste

Rising gospel artiste Solome recently talked about the challenges she faces as artiste transitioning from band to a solo career.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 a few weeks ago said,

The biggest challenge is that am used to having people around me. I was used to being on stage with a group but now I am up there alone. I am responsible for the music and how it comes out. It is really scary.

Solome opens up about the challenges she faces as a solo artiste

Solome opens up about the challenges she faces as a solo artiste

The dress code used to be decided as a group but now I have to pick my clothes out carefully. I never used not to put in so much effort until someone pulled me aside to tell me the relevance of my image. Then there is the critiquing, as a group it doesn’t hit you as hard because each member has a role to play but for a solo artist, the pressure and responsibility is on you.

The powerful vocalist also talked about her Nze anni song which is taking airwaves by storm,

I love love ‘Nze Anni’ because I wrote it while I was lying on my bed. The only thing on my mind was ‘Nze Anni’ wondering why me out of the billions of people, why he loves me and dots on me. It’s a lovey song. That is who I am such a romantic, at least all my friends say so. It’s about how he makes me feel.

Read all about Solome in Chano8 March issue here.

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