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Rita Ora Hangs Out With Beyonce Putting An End To The Jay Z Affair Rumors

Rita Ora yesterday put the rumors that she was cheating with Jay Z to rest after she took a selfie with Beyonce and captioned it ‘Family.’

Rita Ora and Beyonce pose for a selfie

Rita Ora and Beyonce pose for a selfie

When Beyonce released her Lemonade album many of fans have been trying to find out who ‘Becky with the good hair is’ after referring to her in song. Unfortunately, for Rita Ora most fingers pointed to her and she couldn’t help but put the rumors yesterday at the MET gala when she was seen hanging out with Beyonce.

Rita Ora took to Twitter saying, ‘nothing but the utmost respect for Beyoncé’after being linked with Jay Z on several occassions.

Rita Ora looked stunting

Rita Ora looked stunting

Beyonce has been hinting at infidelity with most of her songs in the album which was being promoted by HBO,

‘Looking at my watch he should have been home. I regret the day I put that ring on …
‘My daddy warned me about men like you cause every promise, don’t work out that way. Nothing seems to hurt like the smile on your face,’  she said in one of her songs.

Fans can only do the guess work in the mean time until Beyonce chooses to open up about the lyrics. But until then the mystery continues.

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