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All Roads Lead To Kampala Serena Hotel For Best of Bebe Cool Concert

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Best of Bebe Cool

Today all roads lead to Kampala Serena Hotel for the long awaited and much anticipated Best of Bebe Cool concert. Fans of Moses Ssali aka Bebe and Gagamel Band are expected to be treated to a series of a high class performance of Bebe Cool’s best songs done all through the years.

The veteran Reggae star is one of Uganda’s pioneer modern contemporary artists having been in the industry for over 15 years. He started singing professionally way back in Kenya with Ogopa DJs as he embarked on a journey into the ‘unknown future’ of professional music.

He alongside another big dreamer Jose Chameeone went to Kenya around 1997 to try out their luck with the much famed Kenyan producers and managers not sure of what the future had in store for them. After a not so rosy stint, they returned to Uganda. They have since become a house hold name in the Ugandan and east Eat African entertainment industry.

The musical journey which started in Karaoke joints like Sabrina’s Pub, DV8, Rooftop and National Theatre in Kampala in the late 90’s saw them endure hash conditions and ‘survival of the fittest’ situations driven on only by passion and belief.

Whereas another of the Big three (as they are popularly known now) Bobi Wine was struggling in the Kamwokya Ghettos, Bebe Cool and Chameleone were languishing in Abject poverty and uncertain future on the streets of Nairobi. They however had one thing in common, their love for music which they did not give up on.

Having since established himself as a top East African Artist, Bebe Cool today is giving his fans an opportunity to experience this long journey and share the experiences and results it has yielded in the process.

With over 200 songs, best of Bebe Cool actually becomes an understatement since it would require a whole day for the artist to showcase the best of him. So today it is actually the very best of Big size (Munene) Titanic that will be on display today.

Backed by his Gagamel Band, a very top notch live performance is expected from the multi award winning ‘Nkola Byafayo’ singer . With the artist soon completing his mama album (targeting international audience) we expect a mixture of local favourite genres like Afro beat, Ragge and Dance hall music together with the finer refined ones like Rock, Soul and RnB fusions blending into each other.

From ‘Fitina’ and ‘Mambo Mingi’ to ‘Nkola Byafoayo’ and the new block buster ‘Love you every day,’ fans are expected to be treated to massive cocktail of entertainment as Bebe is known to be a serious performer with mega stage presence.

We also expect a major surprise act to accompany Bebe. When Chano8 visited the venue last night, everything looked set for the big do. From stage, sound, security to VIP seating arrangements and parking.

The concert which is sponsored by Club Beer, Pepsi, Chano8, SMS ONE, Kibo Media and Fenon records among others is expected to offer an extra package to the VIPs which includes a CD of the Best of Bebe Cool collection drinks and eats.


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