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Roast And Rhyme Returns Bigger

When Roast and Rhyme made its debut some months ago, many thought it was just another event that would help organizers get a few bucks out of it and disappear but to the organizers, this was the first of so many that are yet to come.

The latest from Swangz Avenue, the brand behind this event is that, Roast and Rhyme 2nd edition is happening next month on the 30th at Jahazi Pier, the same venue the event was hosted in the beginning a few months back.


Roast and Rhyme kicked off in style in June

According to Swangz management, the event this time round, is going to be bigger and better because of the lineup of artistes to perform and the organization. “Because last year’s event was our first, we faced some challenges, challenges we are ready to rectify this time round. It’s unfortunate we can’t disclose the lineup of artistes to perform but when the right time comes, you will know.” Said an insider at the Muyenga-based Record label.


It is an outdoor picnic setting

Last year’s event had Maddox Ssematimba, Navio, Steve Keys and Kenneth Mugabi as the headliners and for those who attended, it was definitely one event that was going to give similar events like Blankets and wine a run for their money.

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