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Rock legend ‘Mick Jagger’ reveals how James Blunt paved way for JayZ and Diddy

Rock Guru, Mick Jagger has talked about the man who he thinks inspired Diddy and   Jay Z to use their stardom to start up successful business ventures.


Speaking about his upcoming James Brown biopic, Mick Jagger said: ‘James Brown was definitely a progenitor of that kind of businessman/performer.

‘I mean, you look at Jay Z, for instance, and Puff Daddy. They’re very much into that business thing. ‘They want to make deals for the deal’s sake. Before James there was a dearth of people from the African-American community who were entrepreneurs.

He continued: ‘You weren’t expected to be an entrepreneur. If you were an entertainer, you were just paid and were told what to do and where to go.
‘And you just did it. He was one of the first people that said, “No. I want to take control.”’

The rock legend, who is a producer on the upcoming ‘Get On Up,’ added that while he was never interested in making the venture into business, he always admired James Brown’s determination to do more.


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