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Rock The Short Hair Vibe Now!

Are you thinking of going trendy? Today short hair is the new classy & sexy! ,On the streets, in jam, saloons, universities, offices this trend is the new hurricane sweeping over Kampala and you may need to jump on this glorious train of beauty when it’s still rolling .


The very short hair tinted with maroon is a brilliant fashion statement accentuated with the make up and jewelry.

Fortunately there are numerous ways to rock this hair style. You can tint it whichever color that flatters your complexion, you can even mix up the colors like moron and black or black and blond or just stick to black. The height of your hair also varies and this has a lot to do with your boldness and courage. To take up the very short hair of 1, 2 inches you need to consider things likes; is my jaw line visible, are my chics small enough, is my hair line visible. All these are necessary if you are to nail this look to perfection.


Here the hair is a little longer and easier to pull off, always wrap up the look with the right make up to complete the look.


The bold is what you should watch out for and tread softly, its pretty hard to pull off but when you do it does say a lot about who you are like, the diva, Miss Independent etc

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