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Rock Your Sunglasses This Season

If you are wondering why these fashion updates take awhile to come up, its because it takes some time compiling a bit of research and trying them out(wink).


Anyway I love sunglasses and I believe they aren’t only a necessity when it’s blazing hot but also a fashion accessory, we all always ensure we have a killer pair for events like the goat race, Blankets and wine and the rally. So yes they are to be picked carefully.


First things first, what shape is your face? I have a long face or so am told so I can’t just wear any shape of shades just because they are trending. I wish I could though. People with round faces look absolutely amazing with rectangular shaped glasses, the bigger they are the more stylish they look.


If you have some money to spend invest in an over sized rectangular high end sunglasses, invest in brand names like Ermenegildo Zegna (750$),Linda Farrow(490$),Karen Walker( 250$),The row (258$), Prada (290$) and Coach (148$). Pricey, but stylish and long lasting.


Rihanna rocking in her transparent sunglasses

For the girls with a heart shaped face, the Aviator glasses are for you. I bet they get their name from being the shape of the glasses worn by aviation pilots. These are quite common on the streets of Kampala for a cheap price of less than 3$ but if u can afford a better look at brands like Tom Ford (490$), Tory Burch (165$), Kirk Originals (160$), Ray Bans (233$) KBL silver aviators (160$). Try colored glasses from Top shop for about (60$).


Colored sunglasses can work for you

The ladies with the oval face look amazing in the cat eye designs. These are common with socialites like Amber Rose. Brands like Tom Ford and Miu Miu have the cutest but all not under 350$, Valentino and Oliver Peoples are brands to try. If you are obsessed with the Retro Circular glasses like Beyonce then please make sure you have an angular face. Miu Miu and Ilesteva are great for their round frames.


There is something for everyone, you don’t need the most expensive pair to look chic, thank the good lord for ‘china made’ knock offs, as the blankets and wines Dec and Christmas season draws closer you can now pick the best shade for your face. Go out and be trendy!


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