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Roden Y Displays Energy In Fresh ‘Easy’ Video

Straight out of Team No Sleep camp Roden Y is one of the most energetic performers in Uganda today and those who have gotten a chance to attend the events he has performed at, you will testify that it’s always a thrilling moment when he gets hold of the microphone to showcase.

Songs like ‘Nanfuka’, ‘Ndeku’ ‘Number Emu’ among others add more recognition to his name and on a journey to isolate himself as top notch Ragga artiste, Roden dropped a brand new video to his recent single ‘Easy’ a song produced by Clyde Pro.

About the Audio

This a love song in which Roden Y hails the girl he loves most of her easiness and the good way he treats him as reason forcing him to want to be with her all time including going together to the dancing hall and dance their excitement off. He sings his heart out telling the girl what he is determined to do for her which is evidenced in lyrics like ‘Kankubembejje, ‘Nkumasaginge Male ‘Nkukisinge’ in the songs first verse.

The Video

Shot and directed by Zyga Phix, the 3-minute and 41 seconds video stars with an aerial view Nateete which is one of the Kampala city suburbs where we see Roden Y standing among people watching on from the balconies of old looking story buildings where he introduces the track.

These people who seem to be his fans are seen cheering him on as he moves among them clad in a coloured coat and shots heading to another building where he finds his girl lying on a massage bed in what looks parlour.

The video director later takes our attention to singer Sheebah Karungi who acts as the video vixen walking down the storied building holding an ice cream box. She joins the rest who she finds in a serious dance mood as we see girls dressed in Kitenge attire pulling some erotic dance strokes and Sheebah is seated aside enjoying the ice cream as she watches them.

More scenes show Roden Y at a bare land where we see a couple of bicycles and tricycles parked as he energetically dances besides and around them while shirtless and the same scene shows another vixen pulling the Michael Jackson dance moves and in the background we spot out fellow Team No Sleeps camp member leaning against the wall as he watches the dance moves.


Basing on the fact that Roden Y is an energetic performer, he displays the same energy in the video a thing that captures the viewers’ eyes and the slummy background adds more similarity to video by celebrated Dancehall and Ragga artistes from Jamaica where these genres have an origin.

Photos of some of scenes in the video


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Watch the video below


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