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Roger Mugisha Threatens To List Big Names Who Failed To Fulfill Pledges To Desire

Veteran Radio presenter and renowned city MC Roger Mugisha of KFM has given his opinion on the current hot debate concerning the leaking of Singer Desire Luzinda’s nude photos on social media and is in support of the diva.

The nude photos which have become a subject of discussion on many social media fora including main stream media and in office corridors have since gone viral and were apparently exposed or leaked by her estranged Nigerian Boyfriend Franklin Emuobor Ebenhron after he accused Desire of cheating on him with numerous men.


Desire thanks fans and those who pledged cash

Very many prominent Ugandans and local celebrities have been engaging in the debate with some supporting Desire Luzinda and accusing Franklin for being ‘cheap’ and a fool while those blaming Desire for the mess are accusing her of exposing ‘too much’ to someone she even hardly knows and above all, posing in a kinky fashion which leaves nothing to imagination.

Her pose has now given birth to a new social media craze where people imitate her pose where one hand is holding a breast and the other flashes the V-sign.

However in all this, Roger Mugisha who is defending Desire has something up his sleeve which may soon open up a can of worms. He claims many of the big name guests who made big pledges during Desire Luzinda’s ‘Black & White’ charity concert at Kampala Serena Hotel have since gone AWOL failing to fulfill the promises hence dragging Desire into the current financial crisis she is in.


Roger was MC of the night


“All public figures are easy targets to scandal and blackmail, but for me the bigger scandal is the people who pledged at the charity concert in June and led to the huge debt that triggered off the worst celebrity blackmail in my times. Its easy to mock the ‘victim’ with poses but the real scandal should be the- Blackmailer with a Ugandan Passport violating Ugandan laws!” Roger posted on his facebook wall.

Desire’s financial troubles last week saw her being arrested and temporarily detained for failing to pay a debt she got from a city money lender amounting to 21 Million shillings to finance her concert and also their lavish life style they have been enjoying with Franklin.

Franklin Emuobor


Part of the debt was paid by former Kampala Mayor Alhaji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala popularly known as ‘Seya’ whose help Desire sort after other ‘close friends’ and partners failed to respond to her pleas. She was released on bond after promising to pay the balance soon. Seya is also rumored to be dating Desire.


Sebaggala (L) attended the Black & White concert

However according to Roger (who was the MC in that concert), it is those people who dragged Desire into a difficult financial situation who should be condemned and brought to book. He has even threatened to unleash names.

“I also have the list of all the pledges that were not fulfilled by very prominent people who bought tables on credit. Before you Mock Desire empathize.I stand by my friends no matter what. I rest my case on this matter.” Roger adds



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