Roja and Slick Stuart Stand Proud After Successful Mixtape Party Season 3

After winning the Nigerian Entertainment Award category for the best deejay in Africa and later successfully holding the 3rd mixtape party event at Laftaz comedy lounge swimming pool side, Roja and Slick Stuart can stand proud and say “we have contributed to the deejay industry in Uganda.”

This was the third time they were holding this party and it’s the third time that people embraced it.

Doors opened at 4pm but people made their way to the venue at 7pm. Some were first confined to watching football while others sipped on their drinks not minding what was happening on the other side of the swimming pool. The slow turn up contributed to the show starting late with comedian Jaaja Bruce stepping on stage with his skits before Vampino and Part people took their turn to do ‘smart wire’.


They were followed by Roden Y who just fluked the event after his ‘Kabako’ song was played.

The event was then taken a notch higher by Michael Ouma and Joseph Sax who did magic on songs like ‘Sorry’, ‘Wadawa’ and ‘Njogereza’ among others.


It was then the lights were dimmed and a number of dancers came on stage and started dancing but as they were doing the last bits, Roja and Stuart emerged from the back of the stage stood in front of the stage. This drove the whole crowd crazy especially the ladies who kept screaming endlessly.

The duo headed to their work stations and started off their mixes which they did for two hours, making the crowd dance to jams of all genres.

When the party came to a close in the wee hours of the night, the deejays had proved that at least they contributed a brick on the rise of the deejay industry in Uganda.


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