Rolex Festival Returns With The 3rd Edition

At the last edition of Blankets And Wine, NTV ‘Style Project’ co-host Bettina Tianah shocked the nation when she posted a video of her self standing at rolex stall and claimed it was her first time she was tasting a rolex. The presenter was roasted on social media for the announcement but because she enjoyed every bit of the rolex, she will may be head to Uganda Museum on the 19th of August for the third edition of the Rolex Festival.

The previous two seasons of the Rolex Festival have been attracting huge numbers but the 3rd edition promises even better. If going by what was said at the press conference that was held at Independence Grounds Monument is anything to go by.

The organisers promised that they are going to have over nine Rolex stalls which was the biggest problems on the previous editions because the numbers were overwhelming to an extent that people had to line up to get their favorite delicacy.

Besides that, it has also been promised that on this particular edition, a combo will be introduced where each rolex purchased will earn you a Coca Cola drink. Rolexes will come in different forms like chicken, beef,vegetable among others and will be sold at different prices starting from Ug Shs 3000 on wards.

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