Ronny Mc Vex’s Comedy Feast Lives Up To The Billing

A lot was expected of Ronnie Mcvex before he was handed the ComedyFeast at Benrich and on Tuesday, he showed what he is capable of by probably holding the best theme night ever at the Kisasi-based hangout.

Stand up comedian Ronnie Mcvex who has been working with Fun Factory, was entrusted with the night but going by the numbers that turned up, the owners might really be happy with his idea of coming up with a comedy theme night.

With all the comedy shows that are happening all over town, you might be wondering why someone would head to Kisaasi for a comedy session – however, the event host gave them all the reason to. He decided to invite all the leading top comedians in the country who are also his friends to be part of this grand opening.


Ronny Mc Vex with fans at the venue


He takes the fans through a ‘music session’

Comedians like Salvado, Madrat and Chicko and Napoleon Emma among others were the headlining performers and as if that wasn’t enough, Team No Sleep’s Sheebah was also brought into the mix to do a few songs.

Despite the cold weather and drizzles, comedy fans came in large numbers and their ribs were pretty cracked up by the comedians. Some were seen wiping their tears while others just held their stomachs to contain the jokes.

“Thanks everyone who turned up,” Mcvex said as the night was coming to a close and he also encouraged people to continue with the spirit and still turn up for the show every Tuesday.

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