Rubis Energy Uganda Gets New Brand Ambassadors

RUBiS Energy Uganda has today unveiled some of its brand ambassadors following the recent launch of RUBiS UltraTec, its first advanced technology fuel that is set to revolutionize fuel and engine performance for Ugandan motorists.

UltraTec is designed to improve vehicle cleanliness, remove deposits and enhance performance while reducing emissions for a cleaner environment and improving fuel economy to save customers money.

Brian Mulondo, a TV & Radio presenter and Manuela Pacutho Mulondo, an Author, Entrepreneur and Social media guru have been announced as the new ambassadors for the fuel brand.

In her remarks during the announcement, Rebecca Nassiwa, the Marketing & Communicating Manager, RUBiS Energy Uganda said that “RUBiS is pleased to on board both Brian and Manuela Mulondo to the RUBiS Family as brand ambassadors following the recent launch of our advanced fuel technology as part of our commitment to deliver innovative and high-quality products to our customers.”

Ultraec is available in petrol and diesel at no extra cost to customers.
“Our commitment at RUBiS is to add value to every customer that interacts with our brand at our various touch points. We therefore saw it fit to onboard the Mulondo’s who’s brand and audience interactions ties well into our values as a business especially around the things that matter to society,” Nassiwa observed.
Brian and Manuela Mulondo expressed their gratitude towards RUBiS Energy Uganda for the emphasis on the organization’s role in utilizing local personalities to support the brand’s agenda.

The couple has been popularly known for their catchy social media clips with Ride with The Mulondos, where they dissect several topical issues as they drive through Kampala traffic. RUBiS Energy has also come on board to fuel their journeys as they create the “Ride with the Mulondos” clips.

Through this segment, the couple has been able to demystify several societal myths in regard to family, finance and culture. In the long run they have managed to tackle and openly speak into topics many shy away from, an aspect RUBiS considered while signing them up.

“We would like to thank RUBiS Energy Uganda for entrusting us as ambassadors for the UltraTec fuel and the RUBiS brand as a whole.” Manuela Mulondo said as she signed the contract.
“We believe the two will be of great value to RUBiS Energy Uganda to support with disseminating our message to their audiences,” added.

Nassiwa revealed that, “during this festive season, we will be rewarding customers through an offer dubbed “Christmas at RUBiS where all private motorists will win amazing prizes instantly when they purchase Ultratec petrol or diesel woth Ushs. 50,000 ugx for cars and Ushs. 20,000 ubis Ultratec Petrol and Diesel and 20,000 ugx for Boda riders at participating stations.”

“K-Gas, our safe and clean cooking solution has also been discounted for the festive season to enable customers buy gas at an affordable price given that our customers will be at home cooking and celebrating Christmas with their families,” she concluded.

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